Two Corn Rows in Front (TWA Style) + Positive Natural Hair Experience

I had an interesting experience today. There was a woman that actually inspired me while transitioning. She had already done a big chop. She walked up to me and complimented me on my hair. When I told the woman that she inspired me on my natural hair journey, her face lit up, and she responded, "Well, praise God for that". :-)


  1. Love it! Looks good on you gurl!

  2. Yess, Werk! I never tried fun things like this on my twa. Just coil outs when I din't want a matted fro in the morning, headbands, fun lippies/makeup/earrings :/

  3. @Dom, thank you!
    @Dejah, thanks hun! I get bored easily with styles... But,it still sounds like you did your thing though! :-)

  4. Nice! My hair is the same length as yours. I tried the same exact style this weekend, but chickened out of rocking it to work, haha.

  5. @Tanya- Thank you! Lol, you can do it!


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