Using Blow Dryer on Cool Setting

Hey everyone,
Happy Sunday! I hope that you are having a good evening :-) I thank the Lord for waking me up, traveling mercies, and revealing the more important things in my life.
On to my hair...

I have this habit of washing my hair (on wash day) close to the time that it is time to go to sleep. 
Because my hair is usually damp, I place a towel over my pillow to absorb the water. After reading articles about using the cool setting on the blow dryer, I decided to purchase a Conair blowdryer with a "cool" setting. The article "Blow Drying Reduces Moisture in Hair (even with low heat)" by The Natural Haven was a deciding factor for me because I was concerned about damaging my hair. After washing, deep conditioning, applying a leave-in conditioner, applying Shea Butter mixed with Olive Oil, and two strand twisting, I blow dry my hair on a cool setting. It doesn't seem to dry my hair out much. If my hair gets a little dry, I apply a leave-in conditioner or Coconut Oil in the morning. Please note that I only use the blow dryer (on cool setting) every wash day (every week and a half). I am very pleased with the results.