Sheryl Underwood Wears Natural Hair and Apologizes on The Talk

1BlessedNatural: Sheryl Underwood Wears Natural Hair and Apologizes on The Talk (photo cred: CBS/The Talk)

Yesterday, comedian and talk show host, Sheryl Underwood wore her natural hair onstage of the talk show, The Talk. She received a round of applause, and Sharon Osbourne commented that her Teenie Weenie Afro (TWA) was gorgeous. Underwood explained to her fellow co-hosts and audience that she'd done something wrong 2 years ago when she spoke against the actions of Heidi Klum for keeping her sons' Afro hair in a bag as a keepsake. She said the hair was "nasty." Underwood received backlash for her words, especially from the Black community. They were viewed as examples of self-hatred among other things.

On Monday's episode of The Talk Sheryl Underwood apologized a second time for her 2013 statement by saying this:

I made some statements that were not only wrong, they hurt our community. When I say, "our community," I mean Black people are very sensitive about a discussion about our hair. And, I probably confused a lot of white folks too with the discussion...In my comments, and trying to explain, but it was juxtaposed against statements that were very, very hurtful. And to come out of the mouth of a very proud Black woman... I was wrong.
 In addition, an apology letter was read by co-host, Julie Chen on behalf of Underwood. She said she wanted to know the cause of her own feelings about natural hair. The newly revealed natural said that she cut off all of her relaxed hair and took a year to go through the "journey." The comedian stated she still wears wigs to get different looks. She decided to take the negative comments she received from others and look inside herself. It can be a very tough thing to turn a mirror on yourself, so I commend her for doing that. Instead of just letting the moment pass, she really used it to better herself. The comedian went on to say that other actresses including, Sherri Shepard and natural hair advocates contacted her to talk about her feelings as well as theirs about her comments. She also asked for the Black community's forgiveness.

 Sheryl Underwood in 2013 on The Talk

Sheryl Underwood in 2015 on The Talk

What do you think of Sheryl Underwood's apology and unveiling of her natural hair on-air ?

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