Two-Strand Twists with Beads Adult Hairstyle

Hey everyone,
In November, I did an afro style with beads. I've been wanting to do twists with beads, but I did not have patience until I saw MahoganyKnots' video "Beady Bead". I jumped into the time machine and became a little girl again lol.

Hair Preparation

 I washed and deep conditioned my hair. Then, I applied Giovanni's Leave-In Conditioner, Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie, and Coconut Oil to my hair.

After applying the products, I banded and two-strand twisted my hair.

 Installing the Beads

I purchased 4 packs of black, white, and clear beads. I also brought snag-proof elastic bands. Snag-proof elastic bands have a shiny coating as opposed to regular rubber bands that are dry. I purchased them from Dealz for $1.00 (500-pack). I used a bobby pin and the bead wan to install the beads.

*WARNING*- Please check the beads for snags because they may break your hair. All edges should be smooth. It will save you the time and aggravation if you examine them before you leave the store. I didn't check them. It resulted in me not being able to use a large amount of the beads. 

It took me 2 days to install the twists and most of the beads. This morning I found a couple of twists I left without beads. I intended to use only black and clear beads, but I added a few white ones too. That's what happens when you bead your hair in the dark lol.

Maintaining/ Moisturizing Beaded Hairstyle

I slept with a scarf tied around my edges. I also slept on a satin pillow case.  Because I was concerned about my ends drying out, this morning I held the middle of my twists and sprayed the ends with water and coconut oil. Moisture problem solved! lol Thank God! The only issue was my twists did get a little frizzy. I want to try to do braids next time. I think they would stay neater for a longer period of time. I'm looking forward to using different color and material beads! Stay tuned:-)

Have you tried beaded hairstyles?


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