Election Day Hair Update: Big Puff (article)

Who said natural hair puffs had to be plain? You can add flat twists, cornrows, and accessories. Check out some of my puff hairstyles!

1BlessedNatural Spotlight: Rosette by Precious Henshaw (article)

Tutorial: Puff Transformed Into Formal Updo (article)

Hair Update: Twists, Puff, and Length (article)

Linked Cornrows with Locked Jewelry and Puff (article)

Puff with Flat Twisted Swoop Bang (article)

Eritrean Inspired Hairstyle: Front Cornrows, Twists, and Puff (article)

Hair Update: Accessories, Short Hair Remedy, and Extras (article)

Catching Up: Flea Market and Stitched Bang with Puff Style (article)

Two-Strand Twists, Tuck and Pin with Puff Style (article)

Natural Hair Puff as Low Manipulation Hairstyle (article)

Election Day Hair: Puff with Cornrows (article)

End of the Summer Natural Hair Update (article)

Natural Hair Puff with Hair Tie (article)

Eritrean Inspired Hairstyle (article)

 Check back here later because I will be adding more styles!