Camille Winbush is All of Us Right Now

Camille Winbush (photo cred: Instagram/Camille Winbush)
After a week of protests all over the world for George Floyd, Camille Winbush of The Bernie Mac Show perfectly summed up our thoughts for today in an IG post. She said, "Damn ya'll. On top of everything else, rent is still do today." 

One Instagram user responded to Winbush's post by saying, "That's how everybody feels." Another user said, "I forgot to get my money order. Mind too crammed to think smh."After dealing with the injustices of  racism and police brutality along with the pandemic, it was nice to get a laugh and status that embodies how we feel.

The 30-year-old ended her post with some words of wisdom. She said, "Be Vigilant. Be Kind. Show Empathy".

Yes, Camille. 💖

The Bernie Mac Show kids all grown up (Jeremy Suarez, Camille Winbush, and Dee Dee Davis)

Camille with her natural hair (photo cred: Instagram/Camille Winbush)

In 2018, Camille Winbush reunited with Jeremy Suarez, Dee Dee Davis, and Kelita Smith for The Bernie Mac Show marathon on Aspire TV. 

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Can you relate to Camille Winbush's IG post?

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