Mini-Twists Maintenance

Hey everyone,

Friday is almost here! Thank God for that! 
I have been wearing mini two-strand twists for almost two weeks now. I will be taking them out tomorrow. Every night, I apply Vitamin E Oil by MegaCare to my twists, and I cover my hair with a satin bonnet at night. At about Day 5, my twists started to frizz up in the front, so I retwisted them. My hair was spritzed with water about twice a week. I also used the Shea Butter & Green Tea Moistrizer by Roots of Nature (Softsheen Carson). My twists shrunk up a bit with the water, but they stretched out a bit when I applied the Oil. I love these twists though, because they are low maintenance and look nice.

 Styling My Twists
I love the idea of being able to braid or twist my hair into a style and keep it. I am happy  with the fact that I don't have to pay anyone to get a fresh style. I was using long bobby pins to hold my hair into the style that I wanted. But, I began getting frustrated because the balls of the pins would snag on my hair and get caught. So, I figured I would let my hair have its way the second week. The end result left a smile on my face. My hair ended up staying in the style that I wanted without the pins. Too cool! lol. 

It is the night before I am suppose to take my twists out, and I don't think they look bad. However, I miss my hair :-( I will wash and deep condition my hair. Then, I will retwist it. I am planning to keep them in for another two weeks. The mini-two strand twists seems like the best protective style for me.