Straighten Your Hair for Job Interview?

1 week before my Big Chop

Hey everyone,
I hope that you are enjoying your Sunday. I just wanted to discuss the  idea of straightening your hair for a job interview. It has been almost 5 months since my big chop. I have not had to go on interviews. However, many of my friends have stated that they straighten their hair for job interviews. I can understand the reason why they do. Although we have learned to accept our hair, the truth is that many people have not and will not accept our hair texture. Natural hair and/or afros have stigmas attached to them. People often associate the afro with the anger. There will be some employers that will not hire someone because they will view the afro or natural hair is unkempt. I think that others may subconsciously judge the person based on negative stereotypes associated with our hair. My friends have said that they do not want feel like they have lost out on an opportunity because their hair was not straightened. As a result, they will straighten it for the interview and then revert back to their fro when they get the job.

I want to hear you thoughts on this subject... Do you straighten your hair for job interviews?
Would you straighten you hair for you job interview?


  1. Perfect timing! I just had an interview two days ago! I asked my husband what should I do and he was no help "Whatever you want, it's just hair." Well I was timid about the idea of not looking "professional," but I went to the interview with a full on fro anyway. I was dressed to the nines and knew what I was talking about. You'd think that were enough? I hope so, I'll let you know how that goes next week when I hear yay or nay. . .
    But my verdict? I say go natural. My interview committee was warm and receptive and I felt good just being myself, I'm sure that showed while I spoke.

  2. Well the way I see it, just because you're natural doesn't mean that you have to wear an afro all the time. Afros are not the only style that can be done with natural hair. Our hair is so much more versatile than that. Updo's are a very good option and you don't have to alter the texture of your hair to get the look. There are many updo's that can be done with natural hair, even if your hair is shorter.

  3. @ Charish... That is too cool! Yes, please keep me posted. I will say a prayer that you already have that job :-)
    @ Precious, I agree on the idea of our hair being versatile. Updos are a great option if you hair is long enough. Thanks for weighing in on this question!

  4. I love my natural hair. I use a to worry and straighten it for "important" stuff, then I just stopped. I've been on interviews and have one coming up, I think our hair is that little push to stand out. We worry about it more than they do, I've gotten more compliments than ever (I'm also more confident 2nd time around). Be prepared, well groomed,be intelligent, be authentic, be what makes you feel awesome not what you think people will think is awesome. You don't know what they're thinking, we're the ones with the hair issues that's been passed thru generation. It's not that serious to others and it's become very common now, i.e. more accepted :D yay

    1. I am so late Anon! But, I agree with you...we're the ones with the issues! Very well said :-)

    2. That's such a lie. I'm mean no offense to you personally, but you have your head in the clouds. History in and of itself proves they have a problem with us from head to toe and from the inside out. This is the real why WE are insecure about our natural looks. Those insecurities didn't just pop out of nowhere. THEY taught us to hate ourselves and we reacted to change ourselves out of self preservation. You ARE being judged and you ARE being discriminated against whether you are wise enough to actually realize it or not. It's not going away, so a little strategic thinking before an interview can go a long way when it comes to getting your foot in the door. After all, we've seen their hand 400+ years...we even have it memorized-- when they've yet to see ours ;)

    3. Hi Blue! Thanks for weighing in on this issue!


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