Mini Two-Strand Twists on Natural vs.Transitioning Hair

Hey everyone,
I hope you are enjoying your evening.
When I did my twists, it made me think of the time that I did them when I was transitioning. I enjoyed creating my twists as a natural more than I did as a transitioner.  When I was a transitioner, my two-strand twists were thin and stringy. The positive side was that my hair was long enough to do an updo. I kept the twists in for two days and took them out.  However, as a natural my twists are curly, full, and healthy looking ; they look like kinky twists up close. They were fun for me to create because I liked seeing them curl up.  I have had them in for 4 days now. My twists are a bit frizzy from the misty rain, but I am going to try and keep them in for another week.