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Hey everyone, 
If you read my last my post, then you know that my hair has been very dry lately. Today, I cracked open a bottle of Glycerin to help me. I did a Glycerin mix a while back. But, I tend to forget about using it. I added 1 part Glycerin to 3 parts water in a water bottle and shook it up. I sectioned my hair and sprayed a little of the Glycerin mix on the section and then applied Shea Moisture's Curl Enhancing Smoothie. Lastly, I sealed in the moisture using Coconut Oil. Now, my hair is soft again. On my next wash day, I will use the Hair Mayonnaise by Organic Root Stimulator. I think my hair really needs a protein treatment. That is another thing that I forgot to do. The product junky (in me) has been looking for another leave-in conditioner and moisturizer when I may just need to do the protein treatment. Silly me :-) lol. It's all a learning process :-) Thank God for that!

I do believe that using a leave-in conditioner (with the moisturizer and oil) will help keep my hair healthier longer. My ends may stay heathier longer, in between trimmings. The next product that I am going to try will be by Cantu.