Review of the 10 Inch Michonne Deluxe Action Figure - The Walking Dead

Product: Michonne Deluxe Action Figure from The Walking Dead

Size: 10in./25 cm

Price: approximately $30.00

Manufacturer: McFarlane Toys

Place: Walmart and Amazon Prime

Items Included: Outfit, sword, sheath, and (2) arms

1BlessedNatural: a look inside the box. Check out her lox!
  My Review 

This past weekend, I saw the 10 inch Michonne Deluxe Action Figure (The Walking Dead) at Walmart, and I had to buy it! I don't usually buy action figures, but I loved the detail on Michonne. On the show, Michonne is a sword-swinging fighter with a good heart. She is a powerful character, and the toy captured that really well. The box says that the figure was created based on a complete 3D scan of her (Danai Gurira). You can see the wrinkles in her clothes, details on her boots, and facial expression. She is very lifelike. Even her dreads are elaborate, and I love her headband!

If you are looking to get someone a Christmas or birthday gift and they're a Walking Dead fan, I would suggest getting them the Michonne figure! It's a great collector's item. I plan to keep it in the box, on display. There are other Walking Dead characters available including Darryl, Morgan, Rick etc.  Plus, there are other Michonne figures available. Check them out below.

1BlessedNatural: back panel of the Michonne Deluze Action Figure box
1BlessedNatural: a look inside the box.
1BlessedNatural: Side panel of the box

What do you think of the 10 inch Michonne Deluxe Action Figure?

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