Rachel Dolezal is Questioned Why Edges Weren't Left Out of Braids

1BlessedNatural: Rachel Dolezal is Questioned Why Edges Weren't Left Out of Braids (photo cred: Instagram/Rachel Dolezal)
On Saturday, Rachel Dolezal, a white woman who was publicly criticized for claiming to be Black was asked by Instagram users why she "snatched" her edges up into box braids. The 41-year-old posted 2 Instagram videos of her doing box braids. In her caption, she said, "The Burt's Bees or lip-balm method for thin/fine ends to keep ends in the braid." She went on to say she also used wax, spritz, and other hair products depending on the hair. 

In her caption, Dolezal also said, "I didn't invent hair braiding: it originated in Africa and I learned from looking at pictures and from Black women in Mississippi as well as years of just practice."

One user asked, "Why you braid your edges????" Dolezal said, "Cuz I don't have baby hair/short hair and don't wanna cut my perimeter just to fit in, so I do what works for me..."Another user said, "Great job...but not too tight around your edges. Someone asked, "Where are your edges" 

"While some users were amazed at the neatness of her braids and agreed that Dolezal should do what works for her, others questioned the use of lip balm on her hair. One Instagram user said, why don't your [sic) use some grease or jam for the fly aways instead of chapstick."

When some users pushed her about her edges and choice of hair products, Rachel Dolezal made them aware that she'd been braiding hair for 26 years and did not need their advice.

In 2015, Dolezal resigned from the Spokane, Washington chapter of the NAACP for posing as a Black woman.  In November of 2017, she published a book called Ebony Tresses that features paper dolls with different hairstyles. Last year, Dolezal changed her name to Nkechi Amare Diallo.

My 2 Cents
(The Bigger Picture)

 I think this conversation goes beyond whether Rachel Dolezal knows how to do hair or not. She can do whatever works for her.  I am not feeling the idea of anyone posing to be Black for some clout or any other reason. So, if that is what she is doing, I am not trying to hear it. However, if she does have a genuine appreciation for Black culture, then that's cool with me but be you. I can tell by the caption about learning how to braid where she said, "I learned from looking at pictures and from Black women in Mississippi...," she knows she is not Black, so I don't know what she's doing. (face palm)

Any thoughts???


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