1BlessedNatural Spotlight: Angélique Kidjo

Angelique Kidjoe (photo courtesy of Flickr- (specialoperations)

Angélique Kidjo's music career spans over more than 20 years. The 53-year old was born in Benin, West Africa. My brother introduced me to her music around 2006 when he heard her rendition of Jimi Hendrix's song, "Voodoo Child." The song replaced Hendrix's guitar notes with Kidjo's voice, creating a fresh and unique spin on the original. Kidjo is a Grammy award winner and an internationally known artist. She has collaborated with several hit-makers including Kelly Price and Carlos Santana.

The moment I heard Kidjo's voice, I felt like I needed to catch up on all of her music, lol. I bought her greatest hits album called Keep On Moving: The Best of Angélique Kidjo. Kidjo's music is a mixture of many different genres. "Her style of music varies from afro-punk, reggae, samba, salsa, gospel, jazz, zairean rumba, souk and makossa which combined together creates her soulful unique sound of music" (Kidjo, A [Linear Notes].  Keep Moving: The Best of Angelique Kidjoe [CD]New York, NY: Wrasse Records). Kidjo's new album is called Eve and she has an upcoming tour dates in New York, Philadelphia, and Connecticut. One day, I will have to see her in concert!

sample of the EVE album by Angélique Kidjo

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