Product Review: Hair Journal App

Product: Hair Journal App

Price: 0.99

Place: Google Play. It is also available on Itunes

Format: Droid. It is also available for iPhone

My Review

I ran across the Hair Journal App by Howsun Jow on Instagram and decided to give it a try. It's a great tool to use if you would like to record and track any growth or changes to your hair. I think it's also an effective tool in assisting you to create a hair regimen that works for you. There are several things that I like about this app. They include the following:

1. Hairstyle Options: You can create different profiles that fit your style of choice. The options include natural, relaxed, transitioning, locks, texlaxed, and texurized.

2. Hair Types: The options include categories for all hair types including: Type 1: Straight, Type 2: Wavy, Type 3a: Curly, Type 3b: Curly, Type 3c: Curly, Type 4a Kinky, Type 4b: Kinky, Type 4b/c: Kinky, Type 4c: Kinky.

3. Hair Goals: You can record and track the growth of your hair in inches or centimeters. The Hair Journal App allows you to create a hair goal and set a date for it. You can set it for all different types of lengths like Neck Length, Shoulder Length, Collarbone Length, Armpit Length... I really love the fact that they have the option of Healthy Hair because that is my main goal above length.

4. Product Reviews:  Remember all those products you tried when you first Big Chopped? Great! Me neither, LOL. The Hair Journal App allows you to create product reviews that fit into the following categories: shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, and other. You can also rate the product using a 5-star rating system. You have the option of giving half stars. This is a great way to keep track of the products that work or do not work for your hair. It can assist you in developing a solid hair regimen.

5. Photo Album: You can upload photos of your progress. You have the option of choosing existing photos or taking new photos.

6. Track Different Lengths- If your hair is anything like mine, you have different lengths of hair in different spots. For example, the hair in my bang area is a different length from the hair on the sides of my head. The Hair Journal App allows you to record the length for the Front, Back, and Left, and Right sides of your hair. It also allows you to track your progress using a graph.

7.The Calendar- All of your journal entries are recorded onto a calendar. I like the fact that the Hair Journal App uses color coded blocks to show your product reviews, growth, and journal entry for each day you document. It is easily accessible by clicking the calendar and clicking on the day.

Changes I Would Make...
1. Bugs: My screen froze when I was trying to access my growth chart. The good thing is that the App does include places where you can report bugs and provide Feedback. They also have a Support section. The Hair Journal App's creators seem very customer friendly, and that is definitely a good thing. 

2. Hair Type: Although I like the fact that the Hair Journal  has many hair type options available, I am not a big fan of hair typing. I would have liked to be able to have the option of creating my own hair type category that accurately fits my own hair. Maybe that category could be "other" and allow you to provide a custom description of your own type.

In Closing...

I really like the Hair Journal App. I think it's a great tool to track your hair progress. It's especially great for anyone who has just done the Big Chop or any hair transformation. I think it's great for someone who wants to track their progress, but doesn't want to do it on a social network. I did experience a few bugs, but they were easily reported. This App is simple and great to have at your finger tips.

Grade: A-

Have you tried the Hair Journal App?

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