4 Funny Things Naturals Say...

1BlessedNatural: 4 Funny Things Naturals Say... "photo courtesy of Flickr- "Abdullah Bin Sahl" under the Creative Commons license)

Happy Wednesday, my blessed naturals!
In matters of our natural hair, we often say funny things. They might not seem funny to us right away, but I can see my friends who aren't natural cracking up! Here are a few things we say!

1. Length check! Many of us may yell "length check" indicating that we are going to measure the growth of our natural hair, and we can get quite excited about it too! We may get so excited that it sounds like we won a prize on a game show.

2. Natural hair lingo (acronyms for everything): When we are having a conversation with a fellow natural, the conversation may go like this...

Friend 1: Girl, you hair looks so nice! What do you use?
Friend 2: Well, after I did my BC last year, I started using JBCO and EVOO! My goal was to reach BSL, and I passed it! But, I still have problems with SSKs though!

Onlooker: (Confused Face)

Note: BC= Big Chop
          JBCO= Jamaican Black Castor Oil
          EVOO= Extra Virgin Olive Oil
          BSL=Bra Strap Length
          SSK= Single Strand Knots

Anyone who is not natural and reading the conversation, may think we have lost it! Natural hair lingo...you gotta love it!

3. My baby hairs...  Many of us have short hair around our edges or hairline that we call "baby hair." Although, some people may feel this phrase refers to hair left over from when they were a baby, it's not, lol. It's just shorter and more delicate strands that frame our faces. Of course, "baby hairs" are not exclusive to naturals."I always laugh a little to myself when I hear the phrase though.

4. I have to stretch my hair: When we say we are going to stretch our hair, we know we're going to make the hair a bit straighter without chemicals. However, others might believe we are doing some sort of exercise involving our hair. Nope!

Well, I hope you all got a laugh or two! What are some funny things naturals say?

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