2-Year-Old Jayde Robinson Does Her Natural Hair in Cute Video!

2-Year-Old Does Her Natural Hair in Cute Video! (photo cred: Instagram/Jayde Robinson)
The two-year-old social media sensation, Jayde Kamille Robinson is letting her friends know how she does her natural hair in a new viral video. Armed with her pink spray bottle, moisturizer, wide-tooth comb, and lip balm, the cutie goes to work on her hair. "Hey guys I'm going to do my hair today..." she shouted.

Little Jayde begins spraying water on a small section of hair on the right side of her head. Then she attempts to detangle and put a finger full of moisturizer. I was thinking to myself, "This little girl has been watching hair videos for her whole life!" LOL. Every time her mom, Kerry Robinson asks her if she needs help, Jayde confidently says no.

When she finished her hair, (I must say) the sections she did were the most moisturized pieces of hair I'd ever seen! Last year, a YouTube video called "Salon Talk" featuring the 1-year-old and her mother went viral. Kerry Robinson gave Jayde the tea on how her father tried to "make her get up first" to get Jayde's breakfast and other things. The little girl replied with a bunch of "girls"! When her mother asked if she could believe it, Jayde replied with a cute and sassy "no."

The full 13-minute video "Jayde Does Her Own Hair Today" can be found on YouTube. It has gained more than 900,000 views on both YouTube and Instagram combined since it was first posted on February 6, 2018.

Go Jayde! Keep giving us those natural hair tips, girl!

"Salon Talk" video  with Jayde Robinson and her mom Kerry

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