The Pineapple Method for Natural Hair

The Pineapple Method for Natural Hair
Let me begin by saying that I loveee this method lol! It saves me a lot of the hassle of having to twist or braid my hair. It's easy to do my hair in the morning. '

How to Do the Pineapple Method on Your Hair*

1. I parted my hair in about 15 sections.
2. Moisturized the ends with Coconut Oil and Hollywood Beauty's Carrot Creme
2. Gathered each section into a cloth band (dipped in Olive Oil)
3. Sprayed my hair with the IC Hair Polisher Mist
4. Sleep with satin pillow case or bonnet
                                                                 Morning Regimen*

1. Carefully take out the bands
2. Used a white tooth comb to rake through the parts so that they can't be seen
2. Applied a little Coconut Oil to my ends
3. Put Eco Styler around the edges of my hair
4  Put a headband on 

*These methods and products worked for me. You may have a different result. 
Please keep this in mind.