Drawstring Ponytail Protective Style and Product Review

1BlessedNatural: Here's the back part of the ponytail 

Happy Thursday, my blessed naturals!
It's almost Friday! This week, I did another protective style. This time it was with a curly drawstring ponytail. I used the Ponydo Drawstring "Curlable"ponytail by Motown Tress. The style code is PD-AFRO-5. and #1 color.

1BlessedNatural drawstring Ponytail
1BlessedNatural: Drawstring Ponytail Protective Style and Product Review 
  Style Details 

After moisturizing and sealing my hair, I parted 3 diagonal sections of hair in the front, applied Eco Styler gel, and secured them with black rubber bands. The back was placed in a bun. Then I took about 5 sections of Marley hair and braided the 3 sections off to the right. The remaining part of the hair was wrapped around the bun in the back.

The Ponytail

Product: Ponydo Drawstring 

Price: $12.99

Place: Local beauty supply store or Amazon

Other Details: Synthetic Hair

After my hair was put into a medium-size bun, I opened the ponytail up. There is a small comb at the bottom of it (just like most wigs) to help keep it in my place.

I slid the comb underneath the bun and pulled the drawstring. It also has a little toggle to lock the string in place. (Note: Be sure the cup of the ponytail is securely placed over your bun before pulling the strings.) Then I wrapped the strings around the base on my bun and tucked them and the toggle. 

I wanted to be sure that thing did not fly off LOL, so I also put some bobby pins in it. In all, I am happy with the ponytail. I tie my hair up every night with a satin scarf. I also put the hair net that comes with the ponytail on before going to sleep. I've slept on the hair and the curls stay. In the morning, I fluff them out with my fingers and go!

1BlessedNatural: drawstring ponytail style

Have you worn a drawstring ponytail? If so, what did you think of it?