The Pineapple Method for Natural Hair

The Pineapple Method for Natural Hair
Let me begin by saying that I loveee this method lol! It saves me a lot of the hassle of having to twist or braid my hair. It's easy to do my hair in the morning. '

How to Do the Pineapple Method on Your Hair*

1. I parted my hair in about 15 sections.
2. Moisturized the ends with Coconut Oil and Hollywood Beauty's Carrot Creme
2. Gathered each section into a cloth band (dipped in Olive Oil)
3. Sprayed my hair with the IC Hair Polisher Mist
4. Sleep with satin pillow case or bonnet
                                                                 Morning Regimen*

1. Carefully take out the bands
2. Used a white tooth comb to rake through the parts so that they can't be seen
2. Applied a little Coconut Oil to my ends
3. Put Eco Styler around the edges of my hair
4  Put a headband on 

*These methods and products worked for me. You may have a different result. 
Please keep this in mind.


  1. Yeeesss, girl, that Hollywood Beauty Carrot Creme topped with coconut oil is the I use that same exact combo.

    I haven't tried pineappling yet because I'm scared my hair will still flatten out because I sleep so wild. :( But it looks like it works for everyone else, lol!

  2. Hiya. I was not familiar with this method. I guess after taking the bands out a wave pattern is left?

    Thanks for the intro to something new.

  3. @KayTee! Yes it is lol @ the I have to use that one lol. It should work even if you sleep wild. The ponytails are the important part. I often times sleep on them lol. But my hair is still curly in the morning.
    @Naturaleza, yes your hair is more wavy or straight towards your roots. But the hair that is left hanging out of the ponytail is curly. So, you don't have to worry about rebraiding or twisting your hair to keep your kinks/curls.


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