Natural Hair Transition: Salon Results

Here is a pic of my transitioning hair straightened.

          If you read the post below, then you are aware that I was nervous! lol. But, my beautician knew what she was doing. My hair was deep conditioned. She also applied a heat protectant. She blew out my roots with a roundbrush and then she ran the hot comb through my hair. The flat iron was used to bend my ends. When my beautician saw the strand test (cut area) in the back, she thought it was breakage lol. I had to explain to her that I wanted to see how my natural hair would look. Good laugh :-) But she understood. 
I am happy with the results. I think that I will get my hair cut every month until I am completely natural. I am still not thrilled about adding heat. So, we'll see....I kind of miss my kinks lol. But, I'm glad that I'm moving closer to becoming au naturall!:-)
                                                                                           God is good :-)

                                                                                            Until next tme...


  1. Your hair came out lovely! In the last 8 years I've gotten my hair flat iron about 4 times. Each time I was super nervous:)

  2. Thank you GH! Wow, 8 years...That is too cool! I recently flat ironed it and ended up with heat damage... smh.


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