Steam Therapy for Natural Hair

Hey Everyone,
      It has been 3 weeks since my big chop. It doesn't even feel like it was that long ago. I'm learning more about my hair almost every day. I have found another good hair treatment.This includes steam therapy. It's good for your hair and scalp. Try taking a hot bath and letting the steam travel all through your hair. Apply a moisturizer to your hair and go. LiveStrong also says that you can apply a hot towel over your plastic cap. When I deep condition my hair, I usually sit under the Gold N Hot conditioning cap.
It's funny because when I used to perm my hair, I ran away from steam and moisture. Now, I'm running back to it lol. Steam therapy for your hair.... Try it!

                                                                            Until Next Time...
                                                                             God is good :-)



  1. Wow I should tell my mom about this.

  2. Love this idea! Maybe you can do a product review for Gold n Hot caps. I haven't heard about them and I like hearing people's personal accounts before I buy. (I'm trying to hold on to my money)

  3. By the by, your big chop looks awesome!

  4. Thank you Charish! Yeah, I hear you... I want to hold onto my money too lol. My next blog post will be the Gold N Hot caps.


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