My TWA Twist Out

I created chunky two strand twists
Hey everyone,
I have been rocking my TWA (Teenie Weenie Afro) for the summer, and I love it!
Besides doing the Pineapple method with my hair, I have been doing chunky twist outs...

I started by finger parting my hair. After putting a little bit of coconut oil on it, I grabbed big sections and twisted them.

Chunky twists

 I slept in a satin bonnet. In the morning I gently took the twists out with my fingers. I rubbed more coconut oil on my hair, and used a wide-tooth comb to rake through my roots to hide the parts. After putting Eco Styler Olive Oil gel around my edges, I threw on a headband and was out the door! :-)

Results of my Twist Out


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