Growing Your Edges Back

I naturally have an uneven hairline, but the hair that was lost has grown back in.
Picture taken August 2011 after removing micro braids. My edges were gone.

I have noticed that many of you are interested in my posts about growing your edges back. In August of 2011, I had micro braids installed, and they pulled out all of my edges. The best advice that I can provide for growing your edges back is to leave your edges alone. Try styles that do not place stress on your hairline. Avoid things like headbands that will put stress on your hairline. Using headbands are fine sometimes, but you need to give your hairline a break.

Sometimes, when I use the Banding Method, I will flat twist the hair around my hair line or pin the hair back. Also,you should moisturize and seal your edges. I have also had blessings with mini two-strand twists. They do not put much stress on my edges. If my edges have come out, I will usually do the no-tension-on-my-hairline method, and I see a difference within two weeks. Please let me know if this works for you!

The Natural Hair Haven also has great tips on his topic.


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