Mini Two-Strand Twists Preparation and Completion

Happy Monday everyone,
Yesterday, I two-strand twisted my hair. I wanted to share the preparation and products for my mini twists.
I pre-pooed with Tea Tree Oil (scalp) and Castor Oil on my hair, especially the ends. I covered my head with a plastic cap and sat under the dryer. Then I shampooed my hair. Afterwards, I deep conditioned with both the Organic Root Stimulator and Organics Mayonnaise because I had a little bit of each left lol.

Then, I sectioned my hair off and applied the following to each section:
  • Carol's Daughter Hair Milk Leave-In
  • Cantu Coconut Curling Cream
  • Cococare Castor Oil  ( I especially love Castor Oil because it is thick)
The method above is an example of the LCO method which stands for Liquid, Cream, and Oil moisturizing method. The oil seals the moisturizers so that your hair doesn't dry out.

Afterwards, I banded my hair. I used the Conair Ionshine 1875 blow dryer on the low/cool settings. I started at the back sections blow drying the hair until it was 85% dry. Then I twisted each section, each time removing a band. The twists took 5 hours to complete. I noticed that that the twists at the top were frizzy because they needed to be trimmed (due to heat damage). My curl pattern is a bit looser. I applied the Cantu Coconut Curling Cream to my ends and twirled my finger around until the curled up.

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What protective style are you currently rocking?


  1. Those twists look lovely, soft & moisturised! Twists are my go to style I do them pretty much every week

  2. Thanks Catherine :-)! That is too cool. How long does it take to do them?

  3. Wow . . . your twists look really pretty!!!


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