Finger Coils Revisited

Finger Coils on TWA (protective style)
Ok, so I have been doing finger coils every week for the past month. I love the fact that they last a long time. I sleep on a satin pillow case, and it doesn't disturb the finger coils much. Mine usually last for about a week. After the third day, I rub olive oil in my hands, through my parts and twists, especially the ends.  I've decided to do them smaller than my first time.

I had a hard time twisting my hair because the back has really small curls (from the Garnier Fructis) that were hard to pick up. I had to stretch my hair a bit, using butterfly clips (pic in the last post). I used a water bottle, Shea butter, and gel (Eco Styler Olive Oil mixed with Hawaiian Silky Activator Gel) to create the look. The style took me about 4 hours to finish.

Have you tried doing your own finger coils?


  1. Oh wow soo nicely done! Looks good!

  2. They look beautiful!

  3. Very pretty! I never could learn how to do this :(

  4. Thank you Ms-gg! Yes, you can! It's so easy. The YouTube videos help :-)


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