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Hey everyone!
I have been going to the same Korean nail salon to get my eyebrows waxed for about 3 years. Yesterday, I was long over-due for a wax. I walked into the salon and all workers were free. After one of them motioned to me, I followed her to the back wax room. But guess what? She had her fingers in both her nostrils. Then she walked into the room. In my mind, I'm thinking, "She is going to wash her hands...". I don't even think I would even let her touch my face after washing her hands. Instead, she went ahead and asked me how I was doing. I told her "NEVERMIND". When I heard yelling about what happened, I told her she just touched her nose, and was going to touch my face.
Ok, so I was upset because I had been going to these people for 3 years. Plus, I still needed to get my eyebrows done. "All hope is not lost," I said to myself. I went to a Dominican salon that was not too far from where I was, and asked the receptionist if they arched eyebrows. Instead of answering the question, she yelled towards the back of the salon to the owner that I wanted my eyebrows done. Let me just say that speaking another language does not give you an excuse to be rude. There's a word for "rude" in every language lol. Anyway, I sat in the shampoo chair and let the woman do my eyebrows only for her to hand me the mirror and for them to be uneven. Plus, I looked extra sad because she didn't arch them enough lol. She tells me "I tried to fix it". Thank God for tweezers and eye brow pencils. I was still thankful to have them a little neater. But, this experience makes me want to just do my own from now on...SMH!
First off, if you work in a workplace where the nature of the work involves touching other folks, you need to wash your hands. Second off, if you do not know how arch eyebrows, PLEASE DO NOT DO IT!" Stick to your specialty. Unbelievable!

Have you ever had a bad salon experience???


  1. I know I wasn't supposed to laugh but . . . from the nostril archeologist to the bellowing non English speaker, this was clearly a comedy of errors. I'm sorry you didn't get what you wanted. I know how that feels. The guy I go to for my eyebrows does them so well, he's lethal but because he's also my former hair dresser (relaxed) and because my eyebrows have decided not to grow anymore, I haven't been to him in 2 years. But I'll tell you what: He has never been in his nose then on me. NEVER!

    1. lmbo @ "nostril archeologist"! It was quite funny. I thought I was on an episode of Punk'd lol I'm glad yours has never done that...

  2. This was pretty funny but I know exactly how you feel. I had a Barber whack off half of my eyebrow once with a straight razor... I was working out at the time and had to always remember to draw the rest of my eyebrow before heading back to work. smdh... what we women go through sometimes. I have not trusted those salons, barbers or threaders to my eyebrows. I will tweeze or maintain mine at home or allow my sister to assist. All non-English speaking folks have no access to these brows...they are becoming sparse enough!

  3. Oh wow! That's horrible! This is why I do my eye brows at home! Plus, the fact that I am a little bit frugal! :-)

  4. Sorry to hear about your experience.This is why I don't let anyone no matter who near my brows.I've always done them myself and always will.


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