Supermarket Foolishness: Wrong Profession


  Happy Saturday everyone,
Yesterday, I walked into a well-known supermarket chain to get a few items. I left the store with a few items and urge to pray for someone, lol. I'm serious though. Here's what happened:

Myself and another customer were standing in the self-checkout line. There were 4 stations, 2 on each side. There was a station attendant standing in front of the stations. On the right of me was a woman who had a bag of fruit, and she was having trouble ringing it up. The station attendant appeared to just be staring at the struggling woman. This was my first clue indicating Extreme Rudeness was coming.  I said to myself, "No, she's probably doing something on her screen." I figured this was the case, because I couldn't see the customer's screen from the angle I was standing.

The customer continued trying to ring up her items until a male customer assisted her. I was still standing in line waiting. The station attendant got on the phone and called for help. One guy dressed in the store's uniform walked by me, and the station attendant waved. When she got close to me, I asked her if she wanted me to get him. She said no, and asked me why would she get him; the lane was open for me to use. I said to myself, "This woman must really hate her job." There was part of me that thought she was having a bad day. But, I think her bad day was every day she came to work. It was not worth arguing with Ms. Extreme Rudeness.

She didn't stop there. Someone told her to say thank you to the guy who helped the woman. Ms. Extreme Rudeness said, "I'm not saying thank you. I wouldn't have helped her". LOL! Hello! You're the customer service representative. That's your job! You're in the wrong profession lady! I'm going to pray for you :-)

Have you had any bad or funny customer service experiences? Please share!