Eritrean Inspired Hairstyle

Front of 1BlessedNatural's Eritrean Inspired Hairstyle

Happy Wednesday everyone!
Some of you may remember an article I did a couple of weeks ago called, "1BlessedNatural Spotlight: Traditional Eritrean Hairstyles." In the article, I explained how many African-American hairstyles were influenced by the Eritreans. I decided to try doing curvy cornrows and twists in the front of my head as a partial protective style. I will probably keep the cornrows  ( in for the rest of the week, and then do another design.

Right side view of 1BlessedNatural's Eritrean inspired hairstyle.

Left side view of 1BlessedNatural's Eritrean inspired hairstyle

Back of 1BlessedNatural's Eritrean inspired hairstyle 

Have you tried any Eritrean hairstyles?

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