1BlessedNatural Fridays: Singer Brandy's Twists

Brandy in twists (photo courtesy of Instagram- Brandy Norwood (4everbrandy)

Singer, Brandy Norwood has always been able to wear extensions and wear them well. Norwood posted a double picture of her hair in two different twist extension styles. In the picture on the left, the singer is rocking Kinky Twists, and they appear to be done using her own hair. In the picture on the right, she is wear Silky Twist extensions which are straight and long. I couldn't decide which style I liked better ; they're both cute! The singer wrote the caption : I absolutely love your work @drkariwill!! Thank you @adelesupreme for the connection! #kinkytwist #silkytwist #naturalhair #glowwrrayy #okenoughwiththehashtags.

Rock on, Brandy!

Do you like Brandy's twist styles? If so, which hairstyle is your favorite one?

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