Monica Calhoun and Little Naturalistas in 'The Best Man Holiday!'

Monica Calhoun (photo courtesy of the "Best Man" Official Facebook page
This weekend, natural hair was represented big time on the big screen, in the movie "The Best Man Holiday." Actresses, Shai-Pierre Dixon, Isis Moore, Allison Augustin, and Riele Downs all rocked their beautiful natural hair in the movie. Riele Downs appeared to wear twist-out hairstyles. Isis Moore (pictured below) reminded me of the character "Katy" from the television show, "My Wife and Kids" who also rocked her natural hair. Also, the lovely Monica Calhoun who plays "Mia" rocked a head full of beautiful curls in a TWA. It is refreshing to see that natural hair is being represented on the big screen. It is a great thing especially for the children. This means they are being taught to love their hair instead of conforming to the idea that it needs to be straightened.  Job well done to their parents!

Shai-Pierre Dixon, Isis Moore, Allison Agustin, Riele Downs at the
"The Best Man Holiday" premiere  (photo courtesy of the "Best Man" Official Facebook page

What do you think about the naturalistas in the movie?

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