Natural Hair and Shrinkage

my twists, today.

Happy Wednesday my blessed naturals,
Yesterday, my twists were touching my shoulders; today they're touching my neck, lol. Shrinkage is something else! But, I still love it... sometimes, lol. I can wear my twists out without worrying about my hair snagging on my shirt, necklace, or scarf. Plus, it creates a new style in itself. When I want to rock a big fro or long twists, I'm not too fond of shrinkage. I disliked it more when I was first growing my hair out because I wanted to see my progress.

my twists,yesterday
Now, I've grown to love the versatility shrinkage brings. Last night, I pinned down the front to keep it stretched and left the back shrunken. One of the great things is that can always put my hair in a bun, band, pin, ponytail, pin curl, curl, twist, wrap, or braid to stretch it. If I want my hair to have a shorter look, I can moisturize, seal it,  and let it go. Natural hair... Ya gotta love it!

What do you think about natural hair shrinkage?

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