My Experience at the Whoosh Natural Hair, Health, & Beauty Event

On Sunday, February 23, 2014, I attended the "Whoosh Natural Hair Health & Beauty Event" held at Ariya Plaza in Newark, NJ. There were about 5 to 6 vendor tables present at the event. There were a few representatives from the Hair Design School in Union, NJ. One of the school's graduates "J" was rocking red yarn twists. J said she stayed up Saturday night completing the twists. Underneath the yarn twists were locs that the naturalista had started growing 1 year ago. J said she installed the yarn twists because she wanted to do something different. Although, her hair was very tight and heavy, she said her yarn twists were worth it. She is going to keep them in for 1 month.

Representative from the Hair Design School

The company Organo Gold was also at the event. If you read my article "'Back to Healthy Eating' Challenge", then you know that I like Green Tea. Organo Gold sells tea, coffee, soap, and lotion. I tried their Green Tea and I loved it! Sales representative, Linn York said that you could use the individual tea packets twice. I think that's really cool, especially if you're drinking your tea on the go.

In addition, there was a table at the event with samples of Mixed Chicks hair products. I was quite excited lol, because I've never tried their products before. Plus, who doesn't love free stuff, right? I have samples of the Mixed Chicks Leave-In Conditioner, Deep Conditioner, and  Kids Leave-In Conditioner. If I like the products, I might do a review and giveaway. Stay tuned!

There was another representative who had a table next to the Mixed Chicks one. He introduced a mobile app called "Headway" that connects hair professionals with their clients and makes the  hair appointment process easier. The app is said to be launching soon. I will have to watch for it! The information is on the flyer below. I thought it was a good idea for technology to be represented at the event because most people use apps.

 The "Whoosh Natural Hair Health & Beauty Event" was a good opportunity to network and find cool natural products. It was good to see that type of event in Newark, NJ. Special thanks to E. Burgos, Tiffany D, and J. Taylor!

What is your favorite thing about going to natural hair events?

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