Oakland Teen, Akintunde Ahmad Proves that Looks Are Deceiving

Akintunde Ahmad (photo courtesy of ABC 7)

Akintude Ahmad appears on camera dressed in blue jeans, black t-shirt, zip-up hoodie, and a black fitted cap. His hair is in long dread locs that flow down his back. I must mention that he is African-American. If you turned down the volume on your television, you could attempt to form your own opinion about why the 17-year old from Oakland,California was on ABC 7 News. Did he witness a crime? What was he involved in? After turning up the volume, you learn that the 17 year-old scored 2100 on his SAT and maintained a 5.0 GPA. He also was accepted to numerous Ivy League schools. I love Ahmad's story because it is one of the many stories that proves you cannot judge a book by its cover.

In addition, ABC 7 News reported that Ahmad was well aware people would not believe his achievements based upon his appearance. As a result, he kept a picture of his grades in his phone as proof. I thought about how many African-Americans get overlooked for positive opportunities because they dress or style their hair a certain way; they simply do not look the "part." The "do not" portion may include dread locs, hoodies, braids etc.  It's not because the person is not intelligent, but it's because "intelligence" is believed to have a certain appearance. In the case of Ahmad, I liked the way in which he shocked many viewers. There will be many places that he will go and his intelligence and hard work (by the grace of God) will serve as his secret weapon. Just watch!

Well done, Mr. Ahmad!

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