1BN Fitness and Eating Habits Update

1BlessedNatural- 1BN Fitness Update

Hey, my blessed naturals!
You can't have an unhealthy body and expect for your hair to flourish. In January, I promised you all that I would update you on my fitness challenge.  Last post, I told you all I run/jog 30 minutes a day, 3-5 days a week. Due to changes in my schedule and the hot as Hades heat outside, I've now moved my workout indoors and shortened it.

1BlessedNatural: This is a pic of the match 2 weeks ago between Venus and Serena Williams. Both of them are in great shape!

The Workouts

If you have Comcast Cable, then you might be familiar with their On Demand fitness category. My workouts consist of 2 sets of the high impact 5 minute Dance Express workouts by Kendra Kemerley. I've also added 7.5 minutes of the Cardio Hip Hop routine. So, my total morning workout is 18.5 minutes. Those 5 minute workouts are no joke, lol! I'm usually sweating by the end of the first set. In addition to the workouts, I run up and down the stairs at least 10 times a day. 

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1BlessedNatural July 2015 progress pic
 The Weight
 God willing, I will be posting pics of my progress. I've been judging my weight/inches loss by the way my clothes fit, and they've been getting looser. I might get a scale at some point. My goal is to continue to stay in shape this year. I'm also working on losing more weight around my stomach. I plan to try the belly workouts in the fitness category this week. If you have tried them, let me know how they've worked for you. 

The Food 

Many people think you have to go through drastic measures to lose weight, but that is not true. I don't participate in diets, only lifestyle changes. I know I won't stick to a diet. Disclaimer: I am not a health expert. I would suggest consulting your physician before changing your diet or fitness routine. Here are simple things changes I've made in my eating habits that have helped me to lose weight:

1. Protein bars and water: A lot of times, I will eat a Luna Bar or Fiberone bar and drink water before my workout. 
2. Replace potato chips: I replaced potato chips with trail mix. I love the raisin and peanut kind the best. If I don't have trail mix, I'll eat try raisin bran. I know... Fun stuff! LOL 
3. Green Tea: In 2013, I gave you all a small rundown of the benefits of  green tea. One of those benefits is weight loss. I drink at least 1 cup a day with honey.
4. Water: I drink room temperature water throughout the day. Drinking water before a meal can help you eat less because you will feel fuller quicker. It's also great because it flushes out your system. Drinking a lot of water also helps your hair and skin. 
5. Cut down on soda and juice: Lately, I've been drinking more of these kind of drinks. They're not good because they contain a lot of sugar, but I'm working on it!
6. Less Beef: My sister and I started replacing beef with turkey. So, instead of eating beef burgers, we eat turkey burgers. There is so much to say about red meat. The one thing I don't like about it is it's heavy on the digestive system. I eat it once in awhile now. 

1BlessedNatural: my sister's cucumber and tomato plants

A Vegetable Garden! YAS!

About 2 months ago, my sister started growing her own tomatoes and cucumbers in a large pot. I think it's so cool to grow your own food. You know there's no pesticides, and you can save money! She gets super excited when she sees another cucumber. The tomatoes haven't started growing yet, though. I eat a lot of salad. I also like to buy the containers of leaves and bags of raw vegetables from either Walmart or Kroger. I will keep you updated on my progress!
1BlessedNatural: You can see the little cucumbers.


salad mix











What are your fitness routine and eating habits like?

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