Review of the Natural Goddess Moisturizing Conditioner/Detangler

1BlessedNatural: Review of the Natural Goddess Moisturizing Conditioner/Detangler

Hey, my blessed naturals!
Today, I want to tell you all about a natural hair product called the Natural Goddess Moisturizing Conditioner/Detangler. I usually jump right into the review, but I would be doing this product and its creator an extreme disservice. 

The Natural Goddess line of products were created by 19-year-old Joi Zakiyyiah. She's overcome  many challenges, including health problems and the loss of her brother. Zakiyyiah credits the Lord for her strength. She created her product line because she was not pleased with the choices of natural hair products on the market. I was very inspired by Joi Zakiyyiah's story, and I hope you are too! I'm very proud of her.

Product: Natural Goddess Moisturizing Conditioner/Detangler (Pudding)

Size: 4 OZ

Price: I received the product for free to review, but the regular price for this size is $12.50. There are 2 other sizes available. I love options!

Place: Website -Natural Hair Goddess Pudding website

Claims: A harmonious blend of organic oils & butters. This airy moisturizing/detangling conditioner also promotes NEW GROWTH & HEALTHY HAIR.
100% ALL NATURAL - product label

Ingredients:  Mango, rosemary oil, shea butter, and other natural oils and butters --> I would love to know what other oils and butters are included.

Fragrance: Sweet smelling shea butter. I loved the smell!

Consistency/ Color - cream colored/ fluffy. Shea butter and mango butter starts to melt when it gets warm/hot, so the consistency does change if you store the product in a warm place. The label suggests you store it in a cool place.

My 2 Cents

First off, I have to say that I love the product's packaging. I love the Natural Goddess logo and colors. Excellent!

The directions on the label says you can use the product on both wet or dry hair, and I used it on dry hair. The label also suggests that you spritz your hair with water, so I did that before applying the product and twisted/pin curled my hair. As soon as I applied it, my hair felt really soft. It's been a while since I've used a product that consisted of mostly a butter like shea butter, and I was happy to see it still worked on my hair.

I also tried out the product as a detangler. The same process with the water was used, and the comb slid right through my hair. The label says a little goes a long way, and that's true. I only had to dab my fingers in the mixture 1-3 times to get enough for each section. The next day, my hair was shiny, soft, and moisturized.

1BlessedNatural: This is a picture of my hair before applying the Natural Goddess Moisturizing Conditioner/Detangler. 

1BlessedNatural: This was my hair after spritzing my hair with water and applying the product

1BlessedNatural: Here is the back of my hair before applying the product.

1BlessedNatural: After applying the Natural Goddess Moisturizing Conditioner/ Detangler and twisting my hair

1BlessedNatural: I pin curled my twists

1BlessedNatural: After fluffing/separating my hair and lifting my roots.

Grade: A

Have you tried the Natural Goddess Moisturizing Conditioner/Detangler?