LHHNY- Peter, Amina, and Tara : A Cautionary Tale?

1BlessedNatural: Peter, Amina, and Tara: A Cautionary Tale? (Amina- photo cred: Instagram)

Hey, my blessed naturals!
I was debating with myself whether I wanted to even write about this whole topic of Black women on reality TV shows accepting poor treatment from men, but I think it's necessary. Monday night, I witnessed the craziness of the season 6 Love and Hip Hop NY Reunion show. The sore thumb sticking out in the bunch was the whole Peter Gunz, Amina Buddafly, and Tara Wallace love triangle, and I think it needs to be presented as a cautionary tale. 

For those of you who are not familiar with the situation. Peter Gunz is a rapper that came out in the 90s with another rapper by the name of Lord Tariq. The duo released a hit song called "Deja Vu (Uptown Baby)." Let's fast forward. Peter appeared on Love & Hip Hop several seasons ago with the mother of two of his sons, Tara, and she didn't trust him. I also have to mention that he had other children as well. Shortly after, he revealed that he got married to one of his artists, Amina all while he was also with Tara. Since then, these 3 people have been in a twisted love triangle that makes no sense to most people looking in.

During this season, Peter asked Tara to move into the same building as him and his wife, Amina, who already had one child by him. Afterwards, both Tara and Amina conceived a child by Peter, but Amina terminated her pregnancy. Are you confused yet? I am, and I'm the one telling the story. On the reunion show,  Amina revealed that she was pregnant by Peter, again. It's funny because right before the season ended Peter was supposed to be getting a vasectomy. I'm just kind of waiting for the executive producer of Love & Hip Hop, Mona Scott-Young to jump out of the bushes and say"sike" at this point.

These are celebrities who are said to be living their "lives" for the world to see, but I wonder: how much of this is real? How much of it is just one big modern soap opera? Whether these people admit it or not, they are role models. I mean role models in the sense that there are young girls looking at these women and emulating them. They are drinking in the images of their TV "lives" through a straw. Makeup...check....hair done....check...any man who will smile at me...check. Young men are also watching and thinking this is the way to treat women. I feel like because of the choices that are being made by a lot of these reality TV stars on camera, there should be warnings right before or after the show, like public service announcements. They need to basically say, "Don't try this at home."

One of the shows co-stars, Cardi B. did speak up and tell Peter that he was not right for clowning the mothers of his children. She also asked him what kind of example was he setting for his daughters, and I couldn't agree with her any more than that. You do not have to settle for a guy at the bottom of the barrel. That needs to be made plain and clear.

I don't know what happened in Tara and Amina's lives that made them settle as if there were no other men on earth that could treat them better, but I will keep praying for them. If you're going through a similar situation, let the whole Peter, Amina, and Tara situation be a lesson for you.

I'm just saying...

What do you think?

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