Photos of Atlanta Teacher Patrice Brown You Probably Haven't Seen

1BlessedNatural: Photos of Atlanta Teacher, Patrice Brown You Probably Haven't Seen
Patrice Brown, a 4th-grade teacher's aide from Atlanta has been in the news recently for posting pictures of herself in form-fitting clothing at her workplace. Some people think her clothing is inappropriate, while others disagree. I wanted to shift the conversation involving the woman nicknamed #TeacherBae to her role as an educator and show you some photos you probably haven't seen.

Patrice Brown tutoring a student (photo cred: Patrice Brown/Instagram) During this past summer, the teacher's aide provided tutoring services this past July.
Patrice Brown knows that being an educator is a rewarding but difficult task. You are responsible for shaping the minds of children who are our future, and that fact shouldn't be taken lightly. Teachers often do extra work that doesn't lead to extra money in their pockets. This means no extra pay for staying after school because little Kevin or Miesha needs help with their homework. This means no extra money to take students' tests home and grade them, make copies, prepare lesson plans or anything else. I know because my grandmother/mom was a teacher, and I've also worked as a tutor and teacher's aid.

1BlessedNatural: Patrice Brown searching for supplies for her class
Brown knows what it is like to practically live in the teacher section of the dollar store trying to find supplies for her classroom. She's shared this in a post on social media. Like many teachers and teacher's aides, you can guarantee Patrice Brown has spent her own money on school supplies for her students. Her only rewards were the smiles on the kids' faces and knowing they had what they needed.

Earlier this year, Ms. Brown said she paid for one of her students to take piano lessons. In an Instagram post, the 4th-grade teacher revealed her attachment to her students when she said this:

When I first started teaching, I was told never get too attached to a child b/c they have to move on #ImAttached. #OneOfMyFavoriteStudents I told her I would pay for her to start taking piano lessons today! #SheTooExcited

Like Brown, teachers often go above and beyond for their students, and it shows their job as an educator is about more than just a paycheck.

1BlessedNatural: Patrice Brown and her student who received piano lessons paid

This article is a shout out to Patrice Brown and all of the other educators who work hard to teach our students. You are a blessing, and we appreciate all you do. Let the conversation be less about your cover and more about your contributions to our society!

1BlessedNatural: Patrice Brown with her natural hair

Are you a teacher, or do you know one that has made a difference in you or your child's life?

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