Amandla Stenberg Big Chops for Role and Goes Blonde!

1BlessedNatural: Amandla Stenberg Big Chops for Role and Goes Blonde! (photo cred: Instagram)
Hunger Games star, Amandla Stenberg has done a Big Chop and colored her hair blonde. The 18-year-old actress and activist shaved her head for her upcoming role in the movie Where Hands Touch with George MacKay. In the movie, plays the character Leyna.

Where Hands Touch was directed by Amma Asante and focuses on biracial children during Nazi Germany. It is centered around the friendship that develops between George MacKay, a son's whose father was under Hitler's organization and Amandla Stenberg, a biracial girl. The film has been criticized by people who believe it's taking the focus away from the Holocaust.

In a post on social media, Asante said her intention was to show how biracial relationships were viewed during Nazi Germany. The director also said she wanted to put a spotlight on children of color during that time period. In a statement to IndieWire, Asante said,"My passion has been to shine a light on the existence of children of color who were born & raised under Hitler. Asante continued by saying," These children were also persecuted & my wish has been to explore how Black and Bi-racial identity was perceived & experienced under Nazi facist rule."

Stenberg was pleased with her decision to shave her head for the role. On Instagram she said, "I shaved my head for the role. I feel so aerodynamic now. I've achieved ultimate speed." Where Hands Touch is now in post-production.

Amandla Stenberg before doing her Big Chop (photo cred: Instagram)
Amandla Stenberg is also in a movie called Everything, Everything, which hits theaters May 19th of this year. In the movie, Stenberg wears a head full of thick and pretty natural curls. The movie is a film adaptation of the novel by Nicola Yoon. Nick Robinson and Anika Noni Rose also star in it. Stenberg plays a sick girl named Maddy who falls in love with her neighbor.

I like Amandla Stenberg's new style. The fact that she did it for her role in the movie makes it very meaningful.

We see you, Amandla!

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Amandla Stenberg (photo cred: Instagram)
What do you think of Amandla's Big Chop and reason for cutting her hair?

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