Black Girl Gets Natural Hair Done Twice in China!

Black Girl Gets Natural Hair Done Twice in China! (photo cred: Instagram/@maryjanebyarm)

Imagine going to a foreign country and getting your natural hair done! 22-year-old YouTuber and international college student, Maryjane Byarm got her natural hair done twice in China, and she was surprised by her results! Her purpose for going to the salons was to see if they could do Black people's hair.

On November 17, 2017, Maryjane and her sister visited a salon in Shanghai, China. Byarm was nervous and hid behind a pole in front of the salon before going in! After her sister said she visited salons in China all the time to get her hair cut, Byarm responded: "All they gotta do is cut your hair, but they gotta get down and dirty with mine!"

Later that day, the 22-year old NJ native's reluctance proved to be a sure sign. The stylist attempted to blow dry and brush her dry hair. Maryjane Byarm also said he commented to another salon worker that he'd never seen hair like hers before. Another worker pulled out her camera and started taking pictures of the YouTuber.

MaryJane Byarm (photo cred: Instagram/@maryjanebyarm)

The stylist never finished the YouTuber's hair, and she ended up blow drying the rest of her own hair in the salon. Also, she had to finish flat ironing it when she got home!

Byarm's visit to the second salon was vastly different than the first! On December 24th, 2017, Byarm and her sister, Christina (who is a model in China) visited another salon in Shanghai, China and was pleasantly surprised with Byarm's results. Her natural hair was washed, blow dried, and flat ironed. The stylist worked with it in sections and seemed comfortable. At one point, three people were working on the YouTuber's thick head of hair at the same time. In all, MaryJane was thrilled with her results.

I think Maryjane Byarm is very brave for doing the experiment, I can't say I would have done the same. Her first experience made me wonder about salons in different parts of the world who have never dealt with natural hair. They would be clueless as to how to style it. I was joking when I first saw the second video of Byarm's successful hair trip that the salon must have seen her first video!

At the end of the second video, she made a point of saying that the video was for all the people who said Chinese people couldn't do hair. Agreed! It all depends on the stylist! I want to see somebody do a twist-out next! lol

Kudos to MJ and the stylist for knowing what he was doing! Check out the videos below!

BLACK GIRL gets hair done IN CHINA (FAIL!) | Shanghai, CHINA| Maryjane Byarm


What did you think of Maryjane Byarm's experiences of getting her natural hair done in China?

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