Kelis Shares Her Secrets and Tutorial for Great Curls in App!

1BlessedNatural: Kelis Shares Her Secrets and Tutorial for Great Curls in App! (photo cred: Instagram/Kelis)

Kelis is spilling her curly natural hair secrets, and she's doing it in her new app! Yesterday, the "Milkshake" singer gave us a tease of how she styles her no-heat roller set on Instagram.

Even though you have to visit the app to see the actual roller set tutorial, Kelis shared that she sleeps with a satin pillow case. She also recommended sleeping with your curls up in a pineapple to preserve them. If you're newly natural and wondering what pineapples are, I will help you out! Pineapples are when you gather your hair at the top of your head like a ponytail or puff.

Kelis has never been afraid to color her hair and experiment with all different types of styles. Back in 2016, the singer shared one of her tips to keep her hair healthy. On Instagram, she said, "For those of us who color, strip and down right rely on our hair to do the impossible every single time with out completely abandoning ship on us. Consistent frequent trims are essential! Today I did mine!."

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Kelis back in 2016 with a roller set

My Experience with the Kelis App

I downloaded the Kelis app on Google Play for free and I thought it was interesting. I've never downloaded an artist's app before, so I didn't know exactly what to expect. The app is basically like a more in-depth 'gram account. 1BlessedNatural Mag's Assistant Editor, J.T. said, "It looks like if Instagram and YouTube had a baby." lol

The Kelis app has a fan boosting system where you can be seen by the singer and other users. You can also upload pictures. The app also provides access to her music, videos, and exclusive content.

As for the roller set tutorial, you have to subscribe to see it. The subscription is 2.99 a month but you can do a free7-day trial. Ya'll know what I did! (insert smiley here). I subscribed using the free trial. In order to see the video, I had to come out of the app and go back in for it to refresh. 

Kelis' roller set tutorial was an okay start! I like the fact that a celebrity released a hair tutorial because it makes them seem more down to earth. Plus, we can get all the hair tea on their styles!

This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. 

Did you see Kelis' roller set tutorial? If so, what did you think of it?