Serena Williams Featured on Wheaties Box, Finally!

Serena Williams made history this week as the second Black woman tennis player (finally) to appear on the Wheaties cereal box. She said this:
In 2001, Wheaties paid homage to a true champion and an icon by putting her on the cover of a Wheaties Box. Althea Gibson was the FIRST Black Woman tennis player to be on the box. Today, I am honored to be the second. (on Instagram) 
On the Wheaties Facebook page, they said, "She's an athlete. She's a fashion designer. She's a philanthropist. She's a mother. She's is a Champion." Many people, including myself, wondered why it took so long for Serena to be featured on the cereal box when she has dominated tennis for years! I think that is the question that people tend to ask when it comes to celebrating firsts.

The thought behind it is this: It's 2019 and we're still celebrating firsts - first African-American to do this, first Black woman to do that..." While I am proud when I hear those statements, sometimes they leave me scratching my head like, "Why didn't this happen sooner?"

Through the years, Wheaties has featured a number of Black male athletes including Russell Wilson last year. I remember Michael Jordan being featured on the cereal box back in 1992. Tiger Woods was also featured in the late 90s.

I am still proud of Serena Williams and her accomplishments! Earlier this month, the tennis player announced that she would be a key speaker at Forbes Under 30 Summit in October, an event for young entrepreneurs.

Congratulations, Serena! Much deserved (<3)! 

Do you think Serena Williams being featured on the Wheaties box is long overdue?

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