Mali Music Releases New Video for "Let Go"

Mali Music (photo cred: Instagram/Mali Music)
Music artist Mali Music kicked off Juneteenth with a new video for his single "Let Go" on Vevo. The video features him in a booth singing as part of Vevo's Live Sessions series. "Let Go" was released back in January of this year with a lyric video for the song.

In an interview with Tammi Mac, Mali told the talk show host that "Let Go" was about him letting go of excuses for not doing what he needed to do in the music industry. The 32-year-old also said it was about him holding onto God's word and trying not to fall into temptation.

Mali also released a Live Sessions video for the song "Mo'Lo" (Like You). In the song, he talks about wanting to be closer to God and more like Him. In May of this year, Mali Music was featured in the song and video for "Moving On" by gospel artist Jonathan McReynolds.

What do you think of Mali Music's new "Let Go" video?