Straighten Your Hair for Job Interview?

1 week before my Big Chop

Hey everyone,
I hope that you are enjoying your Sunday. I just wanted to discuss the  idea of straightening your hair for a job interview. It has been almost 5 months since my big chop. I have not had to go on interviews. However, many of my friends have stated that they straighten their hair for job interviews. I can understand the reason why they do. Although we have learned to accept our hair, the truth is that many people have not and will not accept our hair texture. Natural hair and/or afros have stigmas attached to them. People often associate the afro with the anger. There will be some employers that will not hire someone because they will view the afro or natural hair is unkempt. I think that others may subconsciously judge the person based on negative stereotypes associated with our hair. My friends have said that they do not want feel like they have lost out on an opportunity because their hair was not straightened. As a result, they will straighten it for the interview and then revert back to their fro when they get the job.

I want to hear you thoughts on this subject... Do you straighten your hair for job interviews?
Would you straighten you hair for you job interview?