Finally Did My Mini Two-Strand Twists

Happy Monday everyone!

I've been trying to do mini-twists for awhile now, but did not have the time. Soooo, today I decided to make time :-D I washed and banded my hair. Then I blowdryed it using the "Cool" setting. But, my hair was a bit damp when I started twisting it. I used the Shea Butter and Green Tea Oil Moisturizer by Softsheen Carson and Grape Seed Oil. I worked with my hair in the sections that were banded, as opposed to me taking all of the bands out and making new sections. The twists took about 7 hours to complete. Special recognition to Slimwavy for the hair inspiration :-) Her twists are fab!


  1. They look great but it is funny that "mini" is left to the interpretation. I consider those small but not mini. They look very nice though and your hair is growing very nicely.

  2. Lol, yes @ the "mini" interpretation... Thank you!

  3. Very nice! I plan to do some two strand twists this weekend, but plan to spend no more that 1 hour twisting when my son is down for his nap.

  4. Aw, how sweet of you for the shout out! Your twists look great. The seven hours in will seem like nothing when you get to "shake your hair and go" for however long you decide to keep them in. Congratulations!!

  5. I call my small twists "mini" also because that's as small as I can get them. 7 hours is a long time I probably would have gave up but you did a great job. How long are you going to keep them in?

  6. @Naturali-Chik... thank you!
    @JenJen... Thank you, I hear you! I can't wait to see them!
    @JazzWife ... thank you!! Yes, that feeling is priceless :-)
    @Curls and thoughts exactly @ "mini". Thank you, I plan on keeping them in for at least 3 weeks.


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