1BlessedNatural Experience: Natural Hair Lessons at 9 Months

...my hair after washing it

          I have been natural for 9 months. I have transitioned for 4 months before my big chop. During my time as a natural, I have learned a lot about my hair, and I know that the lessons will continue. Here's a list of the things that I have learned about my hair so far:

1. Simple is best: My hair does not like a lot of manipulation or products. The simpler the products/techniques, the better. Twist Outs are the best. Sometimes, I find myself going overboard with trying new styles. My hair will let me know that it has had enough by breaking. I saw a few broken off
pieces. I was freaked out for a minute until I had to remind myself that it is hair lol. I remember reading an article about some breakage being normal. But, the idea is to keep your hair is healthy as possible.

    It has been awhile since I have done a wash and go. I did one recently; I was shocked to find my hair in  cylinder-like curls. I'd realized that I had been doing some sort of stretching technique since I moved out of my TWA phase. Now that my hair is longer, I can see the change in my curl pattern (pic above).

2. Favorite products: Shea Butter mixed with Olive Oil, Hair Mayonnaise by Organic Root Stimulator, and Organics Olive Oil leave in by Africa's Best

3. Switch It Up:Sometimes, I have to switch up my shampoos and conditioner to get better results.

4. No Grease: Before I went natural for the 2nd time (this time) I believed in the idea of greasing my scalp. My scalp used to itch beyond belief. But now, I am doing just fine :-) I apply oils to my scalp. Sometimes I do not intentionally oil my scalp. I just use a product on my hair and it eventually gets to my scalp, along with the natural oils I guess lol

5. Not Too Long: I cannot keep finger coils in my hair for longer than a week and a half because they start to lock :-o I had trouble combing them out this past October.

6. Co-Washing Is My Friend: I do not co-wash often. But, my hair perks up when I do co-wash. It also doesn't shrink as much as when I shampoo it.

7. Just Add Water: I tend to forget to spritz my hair with water. My hair works best with a spritz, when I have just applied my Shea Butter and Olive Oil mix. My hair loves the rain.

8. That's Your Things: There may be a product/technique that works for you, but it won't work for me and vice versa. Everyone is different.

I am sure that I have learned more, but this is all that I can think of at this moment. If I think of any more lessons, I will add them. What lessons have you learned about your natural hair?