Three Month Transitioning : From Relaxed to Natural

Hair Prep for Braid Outs

In the picture, I had about 2 months worth of new growth. One of the things that I really like about the natural hair process is the fact that you can wash your hair and let it be. I like that I can wash and braid it (while wet) in the morning, and take it out the next morning to find waves or curls.

The picture shows my nightly regimen of plaiting my hair. I was using bobby pins to secure my braids, but I found that hairpins do a better job. I used the Hawaiian Silky Gel Activator on my hair and Softee Coconut Oil Hair Scalp Conditioner. I love the product by Softee. It is inexpensive and a good moisturizer. The results are in the picture below.

Braid Out results

I kept my hair wavy for a few days. Then, I started to get antsy again lol. I wanted to find a style that I would be comfortable with wearing every day. I remember reading a lot of  Black hair care magazines when I was a child. Sophisticate's Black Hair Magazine was my favorite one. I remember reading a few issues that included T'Keyah Crystal Keymáh who starred in "That's So Raven" and "In Living Color."

The pictures displayed in the issues showed her wearing beautiful two strand twists. They were in triangular parts, neat, and full. I remember trying to create a similar look with my young hands, but was not quite as successful lol. So, two strand twists was my next experiment.

I also used Hawaiian Silky Gel Activator for the twists too, but I wasn't pleased with how it made my hair a bit crunchy. I heard that Eco Syler with Olive Oil is good. So, I will probably use that next.
After a while, I decided to stick with my plaits at night and combing them out in the morn. I will post more in a few....

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Are you transitioning? If so, for how long?