My First Attempt At Finger Coils

Hey everyone!
I hope that you are enjoying your week :-) I started getting bored with my TWA. I wanted twists or finger coils without visiting the salon. So, I started watching
YouTube videos. I realized the process was simple. So, I gave it a shot....

After I washed and deep conditioned my hair, I applied a leave-in conditioner. I did a test coil with just Eco-Styler gel. But, it wasn't heavy enough to hold my twists. This style actually took me five hours lol. I wasn't sure of the pattern that I wanted in the front & I took my time. Next time, it will probably take an hour or so...

I parted each section with my finger and...

I used the following products:
Shea Butter
Eco-Styler Olive Oil Gel
Hawaiian Silky Activator Gel

Then, I twirled the hair around my index finger finger. You can also use a Rat Tail comb also. I prefer to do finger coils because they are faster for me. Although they weren't perfect, I was happy with the results :-) Next time, I wil probably use silver clips to hold the twists in place.

                                                                                Until Next Time...

                                                                                God is good :-)



  1. Great style! It turned out fabulous for you? I wished that I could have tried it after my BC, but I was super relaxed. Bummer. I'm working on twists these days, would you recommend the ECO gel?

  2. Thank you Charish! I would recommend ECO Styler gel for two strand twists. Just make sure you use a moisturizer on your hair before applying it. If you're doing finger coils, you may want to test a small area in the back. I tried to use just the Eco Styler gel for my finger coils, and it didn't seem heavy enough to hold them. The Shea Butter and Hawiian Sily gel (with ECO) worked for me.


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