The Banding (Stretching) Technique for Natural Hair

Hey everyone,
I have been seeing videos and blogs about the Banding technique for natural hair. I have problems with shrinkage. So, I've decided to try it. I performed this after deep conditioning, shampooing, and moisturizing my hair.  Here are the materials that I used (you may find others that work better for you):

-Wide-tooth comb- dollar store
-Cloth bands (without the metal) or the Ouchless bands by Goody - dollar store
-Thick little bands shown in the picture to the left--(I soaked them in Olive Oil) dollar store
-Deep Conditioner
- a good moisturizer

1. I soaked my bands in oil before using them. This was to prevent breakage. 

2. I applied a deep conditioner, cream, and oil to the section and
combed through. My hair was damp, not wet.

3. Comb the damp section. Put a thick band around the base of the section. (not too tight)

4 Then take a small, thin band and put it diagonal down the section of your hair. You should have a "pigtail", sticking straight out like the picture below. Please make sure that the ends of your hair are moisturized to avoid breakage.

5. Afterwards you can sleep on a satin pillow case or satin bonnet

In the morning....
I carefully took out each section. Mine was still a bit damp.
I raked the comb through the sections to hide my parts and put on a headband.  (See picture below)

Once again, this was the way in which I did the Banding technique. You may find another way that is easier or better for you. It all depends on what is best for you. 1BN