Natural Hair & Protective Styling Obsession

It's been 4 months since my Big Chop.
Hey everyone,

         We now have a wealth of natural hair information (Thank God) on the internet. You can view blogs, videos, and other websites. But, one must be able to sift through all of the information given and use the methods/products that work for your hair. I remember when I was ten years ago, and I got my first perm. My grandmother warned that my hair would be more fragile with a perm. She said that less hair manipulation was the best. Otherwise, my hair would break off. Now that I am a natural, I have heard many people say that protective styling and low manipulation is best. So, I guess both are fragile??? permed and natural hair.

       These mixed signals have become a bit of a nuisance for me lol because I love to try new styles for my hair. I do not want to wake up and be afraid of styling my hair because it might fall out. But, this is all in moderation of course. I started Googling for information. I've found this video by ANaturalBeauty3 titled "You Don't have to do Protective Styling to Grow Your Hair". She discusses the controversy behind protective styling as the primary way to grow your hair. I agree with her 100% when she says that you have to keep your scalp cleaned and your ends moisturized. But, protective styling is not a requirement to grow your hair.

       I am in no way against protective styling. But, as I said, I love to experiment with my hair. One of the reasons to love being natural is the plethora of styling options. I think that it is easy to get caught up in fear that your hair is going to break off if you manipulate it too much. However, you should be able to enjoy your natural hair experience. By the way, today is my wash day :-) Thanks for reading. Please let me know what you think about this....

                                                                                            God is good :-)