Natural Hair Themed Greeting Cards!

"Winter Girl" (Afro inspired) handmade greeting card

Hey everyone!
I have been designing and creating handmade greeting cards for about 5 years now. In 2008, Ruthie's Greetings LLC was established in my grandmother's honor. Ruthie's Greetings specializes in handmade African-American greeting cards, both general occasion and custom cards. I was fascinated with the Afro/natural hair even before I decided to go natural again...
"Jamaican Dress" (custom Profile Pic) handmade card

"A Hole In One" handmade greeting card

"Hello Lady" blue poncho (Afro inspired) handmade greeting card

So I've decided to create a natural hair themed greeting card line. Here is one of the cards from the line!

"Loving What He Gave Me" handmade natural hair card

Let me know what you guys think!
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I will keep everyone posted on the natural hair line!

                                                                                          God is good :-)
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